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Most people think that they have to be a reading guru to teach students how to understand what they read or to love reading. That’s just not true. Let me help you cut through the noise.


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Hi, I’m Eva!

A K-12 Reading specialist, A K-5 Reading Coach, Staff Developer and TPT Creator. I help teachers find a realistic approach to teaching reading so that they can ditch overwhelm and focus on creating meaningful and engaging experiences for students.

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“Eva helped me gain a deeper knowledge of my standards and how to unpack them. This helped me figure out what my students needed to learn.”

Abby S.

4th grade teacher

“Eva helped me become more purposeful in what I was teaching. She helped me perfect my craft, find new ways to approach teaching reading concepts and helped me make sure that lessons were taught in a way that were engaging and meaningful for students.”

Melissa C.

3rd grade teacher

“Eva helped me find a realistic approach to structuring my reading block. She really helped me focus on skills my students needed most.”

Sarah H.

5th grade teacher